WD-HA PRO presentation

WD-HA PRO is a mechanical device, designed for companies involved in data rescue business. It is compatible with 3.5″ Western Digital hard drives.

The device actually consists of two tools:
Transparent enclosure for the disk
1. The first device is actually a hermetically sealed enclosure for 3.5″ disks, so the engineer, who is repairing the drive, can always see what is happening to the physical disk and is able to prevent any further damage. It is also possible to see damage on the disk and read only data from the undamaged part of the disk – and thus prevent the re-destruction of the drives and consequently increasing cost of the data rescuing. If only the middle of the disk surface is damaged, data can still be read from the outside as well as the inside of the disk and so only the most damaged part of the disk is left. The transparent lid can also be used for other purposes, as well as it is compatible not only with Western Digital disks, but also with disks of other manufacturers.

Head alignment system
In the above-described enclosure it is possible to add an add-on, which enables head alignment for 3.5″  Western Digital disks. This supplement enables us very precise changing of geometry of heads on these disks. When trying to achieve proper head position, we rely on our sight (transparent disk lid) and hearing (the disk shouldn’t emit “strange” sounds). With the help of three micro threads arranged in a circle, 120 degrees apart, it is possible extremely accurate positioning of the head of the disk.

The entire device is mechanical and made very precise and resistant. Of course it can’t be compared with controlled laser devices that cost more than $ 100,000, although it gives remarkable results to an experienced operator. With this device, very large percentage of the disks, which would otherwise remain damaged, can be fixed.

Spare parts for the device are provided and can be ordered at any time (also on this site!)

Now just 990€